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Character customization

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Hello everyone, 


I'm planning to buy this game very soon especially after my last ask question. 




But I would like to ask one more question. I can't find any information about character customization. I've seen some videos and it looks like that we can only choose from 6 faces, which is fine because not everything is implemented yet. Doesn't feel that immersion to see the same characters running around all the time.  But for now, I'm fine with it, since it is testing/early access. 


But what are the future plans? Do we only get 6 preset faces, or do we also get customization like hair, eyes, facial hair or even gender. 


And what happen if you die with clothing, do you also lose cosmetic items or only the loot and weapons? 


I've watched tons of videos but can't find many information about this. 

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Thanks mate, that's good to hear. I'm wondering if we would have more character customization in the future. Like hair, facial hair, shapes of the face, etc. 

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