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[SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

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July shall not pass before ...



Episode 09 - Robotic Persuasion RELEASE!




In this mission testing it was really crazy. While everything started well a glitch appeared. There was one unit that had frozen. Shooting at it caused no damage and he had no weapon. You see his weapon was moving around with no body carrying it and it was shooting and killing us. Like a ghost being on a shooting rampage. I was literally crying out of laughter about this but sadly after many continuous and simultaneous respawns the save loadout function glitched as well. The result was that we respawned with different hostile side weapons. It was something that eventually ruined the experience.


Apart from the above and yet another minor glitch everything went well and we managed to end the mission successfully. In order to avoid the glitches for good I had to make multiple adjustments. I even placed safety triggers just in case and implemented some testing group ideas so as to make the mission smoother. However if any sort of glitch is still there please notify me about it. It goes without saying that everything is tested multiple times in the editor before the hosted server so it is really hurtful when things go so wrong.


Also due to an addOn a glitch has been discovered in Missions 05 and 06. I have asked for the issue to be fixed but since it might take a while I will change what needed so as to defeat that glitch after 72 hours have passed following the discovery.


Moreover Mission 10 is also ready and awaiting testing. It is the Campaign Finalle and it will be released once tested.


Aditionally updates have been made to the credits sections. To the post and to the missions 01 to 04. The 05-08 missions also will need an update. Just waiting on the addon glitch to be resolved.


Last but not least hope you guys have an amazing time playing these missions and that the ending will satisfy you all. We should not forget that the ending will depend on your choices in the final mission!

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Some may say that summer is over at the 15th of August so:






After hundreds of editing hours and many emotions the final Campaign mission is:



Episode 10 - Death Cream RELEASE!




In this mission we had to follow multiple strategies since the battlefield conditions were changing rapidly! Through heavy fire, smoke and grenades we managed to reach the end and ended up with a very hard call. The decision we made would change things dramatically! Gladly after all team members thought about it we took the right decision and had a great ending. It was not easy but we understood the quality of team work. I really wish you guys make the right call too!


  • As for the mission size two endings means double the size and hence the mission is rather big but not too big.
  • As for the steam and armaholic links, the steam ones are set (<<<) whereas the armaholic ones at a later date.
  • If possible please support us at our steam page via Rates, Likes and Subscriptions. It would really help.
  • There might be an upload of all missions in one but that needs to be a .rar file and not a .pbo file. .rar files are not liked so we might avoid it. One of the problems is that if one mission changes the whole .rar file will have to change too. So you can just subscribe at the steam collection and have all in one. The armaholic links either they are going to be one chapter each or a whole file.


In any sort of case I hope you have an amazing time. Changes will most likely not occur but if anything comes up we will keeps our heads up!

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Hi guys just a quick update


Armaholic staff has not returned my emails. Maybe they are on vacations or something. But I placed a download all button in the initial post. It is a file with all missions included. There have been no glitches or bug reports so hopefully no fixes will be needed. If however ones appear we will update the big file too.

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