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Zeus stories thread

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Did you play an especially great Zeus mission? Were you Zeusing for a mission that got exceptionally high praise from the people who played it?


Share your story here so that the rest of us can get new ideas to try for our own Arma groups!


  1. Where was the mission located?
  2. What (and where) were the objectives?
  3. What equipment did the players have going into it?
  4. Were there any good twists or gimmicks involved?
  5. Why do you think the players enjoyed it so much?

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I once played a mission which was part of a larger campaign (multiple sessions) where the objective was to gain trust and support from the locals.

The objectives were simple; go to several villages and talk to the local leader, ask if they need something (supplies, help against the bad guys, etc.), and try to resolve their issues.


One of the sub-objectives was to free some prisoners and return them to their home village. However, and even though our ROE was "only fire when fired upon", we killed one of the captives which managed to escape, grabbed a weapon and tried to shoot the bad guys as well.

When we returned to the village with the remaining prisoners (and the dead body) we got negative rep from the local leader, but we remained neutral.


A few missions later we got the objective to resolve a hostage situation; turned out that the brother of the dead prisoner went rogue and tried to "convince" others to group against us.

To me, and the others participating in the missions/campaign, this was amazing. Being a good Zeus doesn't only mean you run a balanced game, but using a good story behind your objectives is way more important.
The best description I ever heard about being a good Zeus is being like a Dungeon Master in a D&D game; "the game organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events."

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