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[SP/COOP] Sandbox CTI

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Hello all


I present today my first mission. Due to my knowledge limited in scripting, this mission was made in large majority with vanilla modules.



You are on the Malden Island, the 3 forces fight (indefinitely) for the control of the island and you have all the NATO's vehicles and virtual arsenal available.

This mission is simply to make everything available in an atmosphere of capture of the island and especially to serve as a basis for real modders who wish to modify and improve it (And also to demonstrate that it is quite possible to do a lot with not much :icon5:)



-Staged at startup

-Virtual Arsenal

-BLUFOR Vehicle

-Military Symbole

-CAS Request

-Transport Request

-Ammo Request

-Mobile Respawn

-Artillery Request

-Vanilla Revive System

-Zeus (for Admin and Officer)

-AI recruit (homemade script)

-Air vehicles have a custom loadout


Recently Added:

-AI Recruit

-USS Freedom and USS Liberty

-Tanks's DLC (in base)



-There is no description file or initplayer/server, everything is included in the mission.sqm

-The mission is updated regularly (AI adjustment, DLC vehicles, Air vehicles loadout…)

-Description in the workshop not updated

-I didn't translated the mission in english (marker)





Thank you for giving your opinion and do not hesitate to give changes for those whose project interests, and make the mission more successful



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Hello there Nixx57. !


Congratulations and thanks for your mission! As i see , it should be the first published mission , so good start !

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