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Vigor Day One-Review

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Vigor is a survival post apocalyptic game set in 1990's Norway, that throws a handful of survivors together and challenges them to take on what ever is thrown at them. Norway is a unique location to set any video game, let alone a post nuclear environment. With rugged terrain, snow kissed mountains and beautiful lakes, the views are breathless. 

Firstly, this game allows the player to play how they want and where they want. Whether thats a stealth approach, avoiding all contact with fellow players to get the loot you need , or going in all guns blazing and stealing what you can from the unfortunate players you kill. Once you have the supplies you need, you can return to your base, complete with a firing range, bed and a cosy fire under the mantle piece.

This game has shown so much potential, as Xbox have been missing a title like this, and with such a small development team its much better than most games releases on Game Preview. The graphics are absolutely top draw, I can't even imagine it at 60FPS. The developers have concentrated on the smallest things to bring this game together, such as the inscriptions on the guns, the damage objects take when hit, and even the sound effects from the weather makes going inside incredibly cosy and warm. 


However, this game is still a work in progress, but the concept has hit the nail on the head as on release the servers have been solid, loading times reasonable and rendering has been incredibly smooth. Through playing however I have come across a few bugs and things that need ironing out, to allow this game to reach its true potential.


Bugs and Improvements:

  • Reload and first aid Animations glitching and sometimes not even occurring 
  • Gun reloading even though its fully loaded (happens frequently when looting and pressing 'X')
  • The radius in which the 'X' button will prompt you to loot needs to be widened 
  • The circle the surround the looting 'X" glitching and stuttering and won't allow looting 
  • Switching weapons animation could be much smoother 
  • The vaulting and climbing mechanics are very rough, as you can be thrown up when vaulting and can continue climbing up an invisible ladder 
  • A ability to increase your bag capacity should be implemented 
  • Having your settings (including your sensitivity) reset to default when you quit the game 
  • Giving guns less of a spray when firing in 3rd person, as it can been frustrating to always use 1st person
  • When using the Mosin Nagant in 1st person, you have to manually switch back to third in order to pull the bolt back, this would be much easier if it could bolt the gun in1st person 
  • Decrease the sway in 1st person 
  • More freedom with customisation- clothing, instead of having an outfit, let us choose our jacket, trousers and boots 
  • Weapon attachments, such as scopes should be added (may already be, but have never found one
  • Blueprints for ammo 
  • Introduction of armour, perhaps blueprints for it, or blueprints to make new clothes 
  • Find clothing when looting wardrobes 
  • Stop the gun from reseting to single fire mode when you put it on automatic 
  • Introduction of more throwable weapons, such as knives, Molotov's and flash bangs 
  • Add an armoury into your base, so you can have the weapons you've found on display
  • Make the sprinting animation more obvious as it difficult to tell whether you are or just jogging 
  • Hit radar needs to be more accurate when shot

These are of course all my opinion, and be aware it is still very early days, however this game could be able to compete with PUBG's game preview on the Xbox One if many of these bugs are looked at and improved. But overall, developers please keep up the good work and listen to our feedback.

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Solid post, nice to see a positive outlook on the game, lots of people focusing on the negative :thumbsup:


Blue prints for ammo - you can craft ammo when you get the gun blueprint

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