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Arma 3 - Non-Editor Asset Library - GitPages

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I have created a GitPage static website which includes Editor created screenshots of all the non-editor/non-configured Arma 3 assets.

Basically it's a visual reference library page where you can quickly lookup what any of the models that fall under Clutter/Bushes/Trees/Rocks categories look like without having to go in game to find them or have to load up Buldozer to check.

This can come in useful when for example you are working on clutter mixes for terrain surfaces.


Each Category is split by Expansion into sets of tables including Arma3 Vanilla, Argo and Apex. 
None of the other available DLC's come with Rock n Veg so there is no content for those within the library.

Any empty tables is due to those EXP/DLC's not having items of that type, I decided to leave those in place meantime.


I also took the liberty to include the filepath/PBO path and full P3D name as the game see's it, which is the same names and locations these assets sit on your P:\ drives.

This info sits side-by-side along with the images for each asset in the tables, useful I'm sure you will agree!


I took full sized screenshots, so if you click on an image it will open an image modal, expanding the image in the table to give you a better view. 
Clicking on the X icon or anywhere outwith the image will close the image modal.


Due to the sheer length of the page I also created a navigation menu with page anchors for each section, which will make it easier to use overall and a bonus for those wanting to skip to a particular types of asset.


Anyway, here's a screenshot for those wondering wtf this is:







And here's the URL:






NB: For any techies out there I generated the entire website using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (gotta add dynamics to static GitPages somehow!). 
I then converted to pure HTML as GitPages does not support PHP/Server-Side rendering yet which is a pity, but completely understandable for sec-reasons.

All images were created in-game using Arma 3 along with custom mods I wrote to setup the p3d's to be loadable in the editor and to have organised export paths.

Work smarter not harder as they say :eh:



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Awesome Uro, as always !

Any plans of expanding this ? I guess it's all automated so processing any addon should be "easy" ?

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It's mostly automated on the webside of things,. still some little configgery in Arma to do to avoid a lot of post work on the exported imagery.

I'm probably gonna re-write and refine my custom functions more for the Arma side to streamline it, since the less manual it is the better.

I wrote all the backend code last night and all the heavy lifting is done with php for the most part.

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