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[COOP-(2-4)] Explosive Drones

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Explosive Drones

Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt)




The enemy is even using suicide drones against us! Will even that be enough to stop us?


1.] Hypothesis: Malden. Every square inch we have fought for. Now CSAT is trying to get it all back! They have already conquered La Trinite and they are now attacking Le Pessagne. One of the reasons why we cannot stop them is due to a new tactic of theirs. That is the use of suicide drones… CSAT is equipping their Tayran AR-2 drones with explosives of all sorts and they crash them on our troops causing mayhem. Infantry, vehicles, friendly drones, civilians are all torn apart by their drones. Due to the size and flight height we cannot defeat the drones. Even when we shoot them at close range they blow up and cause distruction. So what do we do? We send you to destroy the drone construction facilities! What you have to do is head to La Trinite, find and destroy all of the drones stationed there. Doing so will sabotage their new tactic and let our troops reclaim all lost territory.


2.] Important details:


a)When 2 players play the one should be the THE GROUP LEADER of the IGNORING TRAFFIC team while the other should be THE GROUP LEADER of the BOOM CANDLES team.

b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again.

c)To show the exact positions of the drone stashes on the map, the Group Leader of the Ignoring Traffic team has a FRIENDLY ASSISTANCE action in the laptop standing in front of him.

d)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your team. Those units should exist for your convenience.

e)Respawn:Instant but no respawn for the tank




3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities and basic organizing skills.

3.2]Technical: Arma 3 Apex, CBA, ASR AI3




4.1]Minor: Two markers might not change color when the drone stashes are clear.

4.2]Serious: None


5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder.


6.]Website SubLink: here


7.]Direct Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/explosive_drones.malden.pbo?dl=1



Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great.

If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits.


Enjoy :sun:



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You are welcome @paigemoody547 ! Hope you guys have an amazing time with the mission.

Thanks @GEORGE FLOROS GR ! Maybe I will at some point use your GF Police and Siren script. I am on a break now because otherwise the mission quality takes a toll but making a police mission is in my wish list. After the campaign has progressed that is. 

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5 hours ago, JohnKalo said:

GF Police and Siren script


Thanks also John !


I'm also about to update this script in order to add lights and also i did some code fixes.

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Mission updated and no longer unplayable due to ASR AI3 update!

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