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Select half of players to assign variable to?

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I currently have a variable check and assign for all players on the dedi, example below:


_huntingGroups = _unit getVariable [ "RAZ_fnc_isBeingHunted", 0 ];
_huntingGroups = _huntingGroups + 1;
_unit setVariable [ "RAZ_fnc_isBeingHunted", _huntingGroups, true ];
_players = (allplayers - switchableUnits) select {(_x getVariable ["RAZ_fnc_isBeingHunted",0]) isEqualTo 0};
_players apply {
	_hunt = [_x,east] spawn RAZ_fnc_spawnHuntingInfantry;
	_hunt = [_x,independent] spawn RAZ_fnc_spawnHuntingInfantry;

Would it be possible to select only half of the current players?

And a maximum number of players is the count is odd?
cheers :)

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the answer can be simple if you know exactly what you want. I mean you're scripting for a MP scenario... with or without JIP. If JIP, how to decide the side of the JIP. Force him to accept a side according to balanced forces, or randomize the side? ... or ?

Write in plain language all possibilities you need, then script. Not the reverse process.

btw, what do you expect with allPlayers - switchableUnits?

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