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Some wilder suggestions that would be nice to have in a year or so

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Since the test is coming to a close soon id like to suggest a few ideas for later down the line when the game is released and getting updated. I would enjoy having one or two larger maps meant to support 32-ish players for those who want a larger risk (if the servers can take it then) along with supporting a squad mode for people who wanna play eith friends. Perhaps add a damage stat to show how much damage a bullet does out of 100, the shotgun using a borderlands system of showing the amount of pellets and the damage per pellet. Add slug rounds as an expensive alternative to regular shotgun rounds that do 30% less damage but have much further range and better accuracy on the account of being one bullet. Allow us to do high sensitivity spins, those are fun. Add a wheat doll to the target range that blows up after taking enough damage to kill a player. Make the RPK bipod cause it's recoil to divide by 3 or 4. Add some more loot to the north side of fort draug. With the suomi being a rarely known weapon that this game brings to the light id like to see some more guns that look weird and are hardly heard of. Make the Skorpion the starter smg as the suomi is a bit large for a starter rifle. Up the movement speed in water so it isn't instant death, along with adding more rocks to move on at the top right exit for draug fort. Ive heard people asking to let us keep half our gear but id suggest dropping all guns and letting us keep a small percentage of our materials intact so you can upgrade your house even after dying 4 times in a row. Let us set a que for crafting weapons and gear so we don't have to wait at the table for it to finish to start the next item (maybe add a slight time reduction for every item to encourage mass crafting sprees). 



This is mostly spit balling to help the creative juices flow but if you find anything interesting let me know so it can be discussed :D

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