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Aaron Kane

Unable to edit .cpp or .bin files

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Just for the record, this is the last time I'll make a topic regarding my problem. If nobody can help me out this time, I'll just live with it. smile.gif

Anyways, I always wanted to edit OFP to make the weapons more realistic. Mainly I want Hellfires to be able to kill a T-80 or Abrams (if you're feeling mean) in a single hit. I downloaded OFP manager, and decompressed my config.bin file, and edited the damage for the Hellfire to a more appropriate number. Then I changed the name of the config.bin into config.cpp, and started my game.

Right when I start my game, the screen turns black for a split second. Then it returns to desktop with an error message, something along the lines of "Operation flashpoint has caused an error in Operationflashpoint.exe" or something like that. I dont know what is causing this error, but it has made me unable to edit the game whatsoever. Someone even thoughtfully sent me an already edited config.cpp file, but it sadly didnt help.

Anyways, if anyone can help me with this, I'd be extremely grateful. If you need more information, I'll reinstall OFP and recreate the error.

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