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A few things I'd like to see...

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I put about 14 hrs of game time in and have came across a few bugs and things I feel would help make this game fun and keep players coming back. 


A few suggestions:


being able to unload ammo from guns in shelter or even in the raid


Scopes. I know you guys are adding them but they should be expensive to craft making that weapon you crafted that much more of a risk to bring in. Please don't just have them be permantly attached to only certain guns. 


mosin needs some work, I have a hard time getting a shot to land but I can hit guys with the tommy gun from like 75 meters no problem. The mosin should be very accurate and also the bolt action ahould not be so slow. 


I would love to see a hardcore mode. No map, no hud and getting shot no more then three times should kill you. 


Could be be a feature in hardcore only but having status effects like bleeding, fatigue, broken leg or arm and maybe even adrenaline thing. Like if you got shot and are bleeding you have 2 min to find a badge before you really start to loose blood so you could run to extract right away or find a bandage or pain killers if you want to stay. 


At the end of match it should say who killed you and who you killed. Half the fun is knowing you killed a guy who killed you a day ago or a streamer or even a dev. Also in case some one is exploiting or cheating you can report a name. 


And lastly I have not heard about any talk about an endgame. Once we are done with are shelter or unlock all the guns and  attachments and want to just kill ppl we should have something to do. Maybe that could be cosmetics or skins you earn or a daily reward/weekly to unlock something. But something to look forward to getting on still because no new map or new gun is going to be worth playing if I have no reason to keep sinking time into the game. 

A leader board is always a good idea too just so someone can get better and rise up the ladder. 




the most annoying bug I have encountered was at a airdrop where me and another player started to exchange shots and then both are guns wouldn't fire and I couldn't reload so we both just had to run. 


Kills with knifes would send the players loot box flying and disappear sometimes or I could not loot it.


when selecting ammo at shelter if you select ammo quickly like hitting the button three times or more quickly other ammo types would go to my inventory even though another ammo type was never selected.


Had a few instances where aiming down sight would not line up to be centered or it just zoomed in on my guys shoulder


sometimes loot can't be accessed I hit X but it doesn't register I'm holding it same for airdrops.


Sorry for the lengthy post but figured it was worth a mention. Happy hunting!

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Wow, thank you so much for all the Input!

Regarding the bugs, yeah we already know about the majority of them and our team is working really hard on getting rid of those issues. Most of them should be fixed in one of our next updates :)

10 hours ago, Amuckalucka said:

At the end of match it should say who killed you and who you killed

Already working on this!  :wink_o:


10 hours ago, Amuckalucka said:

I would love to see a hardcore mode.

Sounds interesting enough. Will make sure to mention this. But the thing is that first of all we really have to work everything out and make the game as polished and smooth as possible for the full release. So we are definitely already thinking about all the different modes we might actually add, but it will definitely take time :smile_o:


11 hours ago, Amuckalucka said:


They are coming :wink_o:


11 hours ago, Amuckalucka said:

And lastly I have not heard about any talk about an endgame

Still work in progress. We are of curse still considering all possibilities and trying to come up with the best solution how to make it the most enjoyable even for people with fully progressed shelter, but you have some really cool ideas right here. 

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