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[SOLVED] session lost error

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hello guys,
its with immense happiness, that after YEARS of problems, i can finally mark as solved a problem that was plaguing me (and my unit, my friends, and many other people),
the infamous    "SESSION LOST"    error, and relative disconnection!

in years (and i mean YEARS) of research, of asking BIS support (thay tried to help, but without luck) and even Battleye support (they never answered, shame on them),
i finally found (for pure luck) what seems to be one of the causes (because there are many causes for the same error, yes), probably the most unknown one.
on my server i was using LAN cable, so attached to onboard nework adapter integrated on motherboard, but had also a wifi usb antenna to access server also from wireless...
seems that having 2 network systems caused the problems, was not relevant if i used cable or wifi , the simple fact of having 2 was the problem!
disabling one of the two (i tried both way) solved the problem!!

for future reference , other causes , way more common, are :
-mods not matched on server-client
-an error in the arma3 cache.

so all the working solutions i found (each for its own cause of the problem) are:

disabling one of the (more than one) real network adapter cards in the network settings

probably problem with win10 is that as of update 1603 the network-order has been removed and you cannot priorize a card anymore
you will have to manually disable all of the adapters that are not in use.

Reboot your PC, when it boots up, don't open anything
copy this into a text file, save, then rename WipeArma3cache.bat

rmdir "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3\" /s /q
...and run it.

match EXACTLY the server mods, so that client and server run ALL the same mod, same versions.

hope this saves people years of problems, losing community around servers, and many ARMA3 friends (gone to other games for this problem).
this is the maniphest ticket of this problem:

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