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Add more Music Tracks (and fix a small bug)

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Suggestion: During any of my Operations, I love using the ArmA 3 Music Tracks, since many of These are brilliantly made, and quite Beautiful, to say the least. Although, I have a Feeling that some are missing, and this is sometimes slightly annoying, as some tracks, existing in ArmA 3, but not in Zeus, would fit much more than the current existing ones. 


I would really love to see more tracks added to Zeus, since this could really give the Players far more Immersion. Perhaps even let Game Masters only be able to Play URL Music, or would Copyright be a Problem there? 


Bug: When a Track Plays, and you go back to the 'Play Music' Selection Menu, and you Exit out of it, the Track which played before simply stops playing. If somehow possible, I'd like to see that after exiting the Menu, the Music continues, but so that everyone still listens to the exact same time of Play. If this would be added, also please make it possible that Players who connected mid-music, the Music will also resume for them, so they can immediately be hit by a lovely wave of Immersion.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys at Bohemia will see this, since this could really make operations a bit more fun. 


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