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BECTI Benny / Sari / LE CUP Edition 



The Mission Explained

  1. BECTI is a Conquer The Island game mode based on the old school OFP MFCTI from Arma 2 where two teams composed of Players or AI and you fight AI for the control of an island in a power struggle with towns and bases. 
  2. The commander is the leader of your side, voted in at the start of each round. Only he may build the base and set the income distribution. The commander is the only one which is able to perform upgrades and assign orders to AI. 
  3. Towns need to be captured and held by your side. To capture a town, you simply have to stand next to Central Depot while no enemy is around. But watch out! The town occupation may try to defend it! Survive by holding camps within the town to spawn from until capture. The generated income and the defending units may vary depending on a town's size. 
  4. Funds are mainly earned by capturing town and salvaging wrecks but killing enemies will also reward you with a bounty bonus. These funds may be used to purchase units and gear.


Parameters allows you to play with a different setup all the time, nearly everything can be changed (AI, base, environment, economy, gameplay, module, respawn, towns...).

As the fights goes on, different assets may appear such as:


  • HQ: The HQ is the commander's main toy. Once destroyed, a side may no longer build factories so move it wisely!
  • Repair trucks: Repair trucks may be used by anyone to buy and place defensive structure but they can also be used to repair and build factories. FOB may be deployed from it upon request!
  • Ammo trucks: The ammo truck act as mobile resupply point for both infantry and vehicles. The gear and the service menu may be accessed from it.
  • Salvage trucks: Salvage trucks may be used to gain a certain cash amount from vehicle wrecks (You get 50% of the bounty, the rest is split among the other units). Independent trucks may also be purchased by commander.
  • Forward operating base: Those special structures may be built from Repair Truck and may act as a mobile respawn/resupply point. Note that they are limited in a way that only X of them may be placed at a time. They can be dismantled by using the Repair Truck contextual menu.
  • Respawn: Whenever the player dies, he/she may choose to respawn at a FOB (if near) or at a factory built by the commander. The player may choose to respawn in one of his AI units if near (note that you get the AI's gear upon respawn). Revive will be possible in future versions.
  • Air/Sea Lifting: Roads are unsafe? Why not lift the HQ by the air or by the sea? SDV can hook wrecks underwater (HQ recovery!)
  • Command Center: Are you far from the base? Have you forgotten to buy a vehicle? Then this structure is meant for you! The Command Center increase the purchase range and allows the use of custom assets such as Units Cam and Sat Cam.The mission is also


Composed of multiple menu (GUI) like:

Purchase Menu: This menu allows the player to reinforce his/her own squad with units/vehicles. The commander may purchase units to other groups.

Gear Menu: Thanks to the Barracks, FOB and Ammo Trucks the player may swap his gear on the fly (nb vest/uniform don't have any valid gear manipulation commands atm)

Orders Menu: The orders menu allows the commander to change the orders assigned to his/her teams. Some may need to to take town X while other have to take and hold town Y.

AI Micro Menu: By default, the engine gives a basic AI management regarding AI in one's group. This menu extends this management allowing the leader to plan/use custom orders for his/her AI such as patrol/take towns (Some orders like move or patrol can be queued)

Service Menu: This menu is used to perform utility/resupply actions on units and vehicles (heal, repair, rearm...)

Upgrade Menu: The commander has to perform upgrades in order to improve it's side assets (better units, better loadouts...)

Units Camera: When a Command Center is available, the units camera become available allowing the monitoring of other groups members.

Satellite Camera: When a Command Center is available and when this asset is upgraded, one may use the Sat cam in order to find enemy whereabouts.



The orignal BECTI is made by benny then Sari Updated and added things to BECTI to make it better and now with the help from a friend we are aiming to do as many as we can. 

Most of my BECTI map's are compatible with the CUP mods, you will be able to use the weapons and vehicles in CUP and more. 


I am also going to get a server up with these missions but for now the server is only ruining the non CUP version.


Host Name: -{GOL}- Public [CBA_A3, ACE3, ACEX, TFR, CUPMaps]



My Workshop files Click to browse all my steam workshop files for Arma 3 



How do I play?

To find the mission host a LAN match and youll see it under chernarus or move the file to your single player mission folder. Turn up difficulty for the opposing team to be able to capture places. 

Optional Mods

Project BECTI also added scripts to the mission so that other mods that are not REQUIRED are still supported by the factory,equipment menu etc. 

Built in mods:

-Fast Rope & Field Repair 
-Simple ear plugs



How is this different to the KP and other type of CTI game modes ? Why dont you play and find out:f:,  well the main similarly it has is that you have to capture the island and thats about it, every thing form the UI to the base building, it is different.

I believe this version of BECTI  Is a more to the point and gives you more freedom to build up your base.


Link to the legend him self vvv


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