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FNG Needs Help w/ AI Missions, Waypoints, Etc.

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I need help with a few basic things.


First, I have a set of 6 AI marksmen set to spawn in a Pawnee helicopter that is controlled by me.

I want them to get out of the helicopter one by one at certain zones.

For example: AI#1 would get dropped off on top of a hill, AI#2 would get dropped off at the bottom of a crane, etc.

I also want to be able to pick up different AI at a few of those drop off locations.


This missions purpose is to help with landing and taking off at different locations with a live crew.


Next, I need to put writing on a few signs as distance markers.

I also have a couple rules, tips and challenges I want written out on a blackboard or sign as well.

I looked at a few forums but they were pretty outdated and I was hoping to find the answer here.


Almost done, I was playing a scenario that had a laptop at the spawn area that allowed the player to reset the dead

AI and markings on the targets.

I'd appreciate it if someone could point in the right direction with how to get that done.


And lastly, I downloaded another scenario that tracks a bullets path and where it hits a target and I was wondering if

that were possible to do somewhat simply. 

If not I am willing to learn it from a video or whoever can help me.


If you'd be willing to get into closer contact so we can speed up the process I'd really appreciate it.

I've been working on a few projects and these are the things I've been putting off the most so I hope someone can help me. :)


Thanks for the read and have a great day!

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