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AI Soldiers Keep Leaving Helicopters

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I have an invasion force of 32 AI in two AI-piloted Hurons waiting at the BLUFOR base for the player to activate them after clearing the LZ at the objective.  No matter what I try, six men from each helicopter will disembark once I run the scenario, which is a problem as it messes with the invasion.


I've been trying to figure this out for a while.  How do I fix this?

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Probably because the transportSoldier = 14 for armed Huron (Arma vanilla).

You can see that in config viewer:

configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Heli_Transport_03_F" >> "transportSoldier"


Same for the unarmed one. But things are not so clear:


As you can see, crew is not included. 4 crew (pilot,copilot,left door gunner, right door gunner)

Then, even you have 16 seats for pax, the transportSoldier limitation is 14:


This figure (14) is OK only for un-grouped pax!

If you place some groups (weapon squad of 8), then 6 (2X3) pax will disembark for group consistency! (sub-team leaders if you prefer).


For un-grouped AI guys, when you try to place 16 PAX, two persons will disembark (even if the seats exists!), as you can see in fullCrew [yourheloName,"",true]:

[ [B Alpha 1-4:1,"driver",-1,[],false],       [B Alpha 1-5:1,"cargo",0,[],false],      [B Alpha 1-6:1,"cargo",1,[],false],      [B Alpha 2-1:1,"cargo",2,[],false],

  [B Alpha 2-2:1,"cargo",3,[],false],        [B Alpha 2-4:1,"cargo",4,[],false],      [B Alpha 2-5:1,"cargo",5,[],false],       [B Alpha 2-6:1,"cargo",6,[],false],

  [B Alpha 3-3:1,"cargo",7,[],false],        [B Alpha 3-2:1,"cargo",8,[],false],      [<NULL-object>,"cargo",9,[],false],     [<NULL-object>,"cargo",10,[],false],

  [B Alpha 3-4:1,"cargo",11,[],false],      [B Alpha 2-3:1,"cargo",12,[],false],    [B Alpha 3-1:1,"cargo",13,[],false],     [B Alpha 1-4:2,"Turret",-1,[0],false],

  [B Alpha 1-4:3,"gunner",-1,[1],false],  [B Alpha 1-4:4,"Turret",-1,[2],false],   [B Alpha 1-2:1,"Turret",14,[3],true],   [B Alpha 1-3:1,"Turret",15,[4],true]  ]


There is 2 null-object cargo after 2 pax have disembarked!...

But, tada... two players can jump into it...up to (max seats = 4 crew + 16 pax). The transportSoldier limitation doesn't work on players.


So, is there any work around for 2 groups of 8??

Sure!  Make all of them playable!


That's weird but don't forget, that's Arma!


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