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Unit looking for recruits. Spartan Shadow

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Hey all,


   A friend of mine and I started a new milsim realism unit. Right now there's only 4 of us. 2 current military, and 1 former military.


We currently have an air command made up of aircraft and crew, both attack and utility. And a ground command with 3 teams. Beings that we only have 4 people, 2 are in each command. We have 1 qualified pilot and one enlisted aviator(he acts as both a gunner and medic) On the ground side, I run a field ops team, and another guy runs an assault detachment. For now, we command our AI teams. But the goal is to eventually have a living person filling all roles. 


As far as the unit as a whole, we are trying to operate similar to the real military while also understanding that this is just a game. So we don't do rank+ last name when addressing, and the yelling, etc. We're relaxed but also want to keep the ops run as realistic as we can.


We have many open positions that we are now looking to fill.




If interested, you can apply to the unit via the above link, the unit also has an email if you have more questions. Spadowcommand@gmail

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