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[NA]142nd Airborne Division

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142nd Airborne Division

"First to Kill, Last to Die"

What is the 142nd Airborne Division?
The 142nd Airborne Division is a newer Arma 3 Milsim unit centered around having fun and intense operations.
Started in early May, the 142nd AD is a newer Arma milsim focused on the United States Army's Airborne Divisions, a group of elite soldiers utilizing tactics from H.A.L.O jumping to night parachute drops to insert behind enemy lines.

Our purpose at the 142nd is to keep things serious but still enjoyable. We don't want "yes sir" and "no sir", no biting your head off over calling a NCO "sir", and no cancelling op's to substitute in "training days". We believe that even though this is a milsim group, it is still first and foremost a video game and meant to be enjoyed. We also understand that life comes first and attendance isn't a do or die situation. Need to miss an op for something? Just let your CO know you won't make it and you're good to go, while we hope you are an active member of the community, life comes first.

The 142nd offers a slew of MOS options for you to choose from, with possibly more on the way!

  • Rifleman
  • Combat Medic
  • Automatic Rifleman
  • Marksman
  • Light Anti-Tank
  • Radio Operator
  • Aviation
  • Combat Engineer

Helpful Links and Information

142nd Airborne Website

Our Steam Group

My Profile - Contact me for questions!

Church, one of our co-owners - Contact for help and assistance!

TeamSpeak 3 IP:

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