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Skill Tree to Sights II and beyond

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I'm Level 5.  I've unlocked Assault Rifles I (1pt)  Sights I (1pt)  Suppressors I (2pt) =4pts.  I have 1pt to spend now.

I'd like to buy Sights II, but it is not available to unlock.  The path seems to show that I can just go down the tree from the attachments.
What am I doing wrong.  The only things showing that I can unlock next are Machine Guns I (2pts), Smoke Grenades (1pt), Assault Rifles II (2pts) and Vests I (6pts).
Why can't I unlock Sights II, it is the next in the path and I've unlocked both Sights and Suppressors in Tier I? 
What must I unlock in order to unlock Sights II?


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