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Fixeschanges & additions to the website:

  • Changed: no search limit results (previously search results were limited to 5 entries)
  • Fixed: weird news titles in search results
  • Fixed: wrong links
  • Fixed: left margin in each entry section
  • Added: top logo
  • Added: old/classic favicon
  • Added: Credits
  • Added: footer banners
  • Added: search bar at the top of each section
  • Changed: old/classic background color
  • Changed: breadcrumbs disabled
  • Changed: Display 10 entries per page
  • Changed: Author/Size/Island/Language icons replaced with text (in Addons & Missions categories)
  • Changed: Background colour of download cell for entry table (in Addons & Missions categories)
  • Fixed: Charset encoding
  • Added: Mods section
  • Fixed: Main banner hidden from mobile devices for proper display of the website
  • Changed: Mods section for better display on mobile devices


Thanks to enormous efforts we have been able to fix most of the wrong or missing links all over the website. Obviously, there still may be some non-working links, especially in the oldest news entries. All the addons/mods-related files that were originally hosted on the ftp server of the website were moved to the armedassault.info ftp server. We have also encountered leftovers of the original ofp.info database charset which was converted to modern standard. Some undiscovered weird signs may still be seen here and there. Eventually, we have revamped the design to have some common known elements with design of the original ofp.info. We have added a top banner, changed the background colour to the classic green one, done some small tweaks to the displayed template and provided the website with the classic favicon :smile_o: Search bar was attached to the top of each section of the website. You can also use search with filenames (ww4mod25rel.rar - for example) to find the file you need.

Unfortunately, we have to confirm that all 383 video-related links as ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/videos/ lead nowhere. The armedassault.info ftp server has none of the files that once were hosted there. The same applies to majority of /_hosted/ files that were hosted on the same server as the website.

If you come across a non-working link, a picture, a weird charset coding or any other issue that looks improper to you, simply contact me via this thread, private message or any other means of communication that are available.

Please keep in mind there are over 7000 news entries + over 2000 addons/missions/misc-related entries so as a result it may take weeks, months or even years to check them all to make sure they are fine. We do it in our spare time as a hobby. We do not receive any financial support and we do not make any money on it. Actually, we invest our own money to keep it working. Just for the record.

In June, this year, OFP/CWA will turn 18. That is why we consider OFP.info 2.0 as a legacy and a reminder of origins of the Arma series for past, current and future generations of players.

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I write to say that there are still dead links.
For example the Wiesel v2.0.



The only missing addon for bwmod (2.0 is the latest version).


sorry new links dead



I count dl more mod of different army for ofp so if it interests you, I can list all the dead links that I would find?


thank you in advance.


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Hi! :smile_o:



BWMOD_BasicPack_v1.2.rar - the file was not available in the backup of the website I was provided
bwmod_wiesel_v2.0.rar - the link to the file was fixed



BWMOD_EF_beta.rar - the link to the file was fixed

Thank you for the information.
Please, provide any other dead links you will find.

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thank you so much. No problem, if I find other links, I'll let you know.

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Hi :smile_o:


11 hours ago, azukee2 said:

I have a couple links that are dead for Conspiracies: The Experience


The links attached in that post point to an external server that is not related to OFP.INFO. Those files were never hosted on OFP.INFO server.


11 hours ago, azukee2 said:

The link in that post has been fixed.

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Thanks to co-operation with @faguss, it is possible to convert old OFP.INFO links (gamepark.cz | gamezone.cz) to actual OFP.INFO 2.0 counterparts. The converter supports links for both news and files.


1. As an example, let's take a look at one of @*zeewolf* posts related to "Invasion 44 standalone grass pack".

2. In that specific post there are two links which point at old OFP.INFO domain



3. Go to ofp-faguss.com and select Addon Search from top bar menu.

4. In the input field paste one of the aforementioned links and click Search button (or press ENTER).

5. Depending on the link you pasted into the input field, you will be automatically redirected to the news on OFP.INFO 2.0 or you will start downloading the addon file.

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