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LINUX server, map loading issue (HEBONTES)

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Hey guys, 


a community is recently having problems in terms of loading my terrain (HEBONTES) up on a linux server. 



Hello, and congratulations on launching Hebontes!


We are currently attempting to set up the map for use in our community, however I have run into problems trying to launch a mission.


I made a simple test mission with respawn, zeus and some slots on both Malden and Hebontes in an attempt to see if it was something on my end, but so far Hebontes is the only map that just sends me straight back to mission select after launching the mission.


We suspect it might be a problem with the fact that our server is running on Linux, but we're uncertain as of what is specifically causing a problem.


This is the server message::




These are some of the ERROR's we're getting:
Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.hebontes'.
Warning Message: []: '/' not an array
Warning Message: No entry '.centerPosition'.
Cannot evaluate '' - no file
Warning Message: '/' is not a value

Warning Message: No entry '.description'.



Thank you guys for ANY ideas to find a solution.





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you simply have to rename "Addons" folder to "addons" 'cause linux arma server doesn't like uppercase letter in mod folders

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