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Making a infantry unit durable in the config

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So I spent 2 days on this working on a little problem our mod team has.

Basically, we have a unit that needs to be tough as nails, take dozen 9.3mm tough. At first, we simply upped the armor value of the unit class, but we noticed that AI didn't play well against this. As they would resort to weapons usually met for an MRAP.

So our solution was to use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Soldier_Protection. Offloading the general armor value in favor of massive damage reduction. So far everything seemed to work well except one thing...the Arms. No matter what stat, no matter what class I call. The arms simply won't reduce damage. I tried ridiculous stat increase to the point that you could blast 50.cal rounds into them, but even then, the arms still take almost 1/4 the shots as the rest of the body. 

We also tried alternative ideas, such as using CrewVanerable = 1 but to no luck. We also set the damage resistance low as well, but again. No luck. If anybody could help us get a working example of a fully protected arm, that would help tremendously with our project. If not that a solution that allows AI to fight a unit that has an armor value of 175. 

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