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Been on the fence with this game for a while....

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mainly because the gunplay and reloading looked shoddy at best from a vanilla standpoint. Has the modding community brought it up to snuff to the likes of Insurgency or Killing Floor 2? Talking purely about guns, their feel, and animations only here.

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The modding community does have much nicer animations than vanilla BI, which seem to be rather plain- one of my personal favourites for nice weapon animations would be the NIA weapons.


Soundmods are pretty common and their are a few to play around with, so if you want to try those out Dynasound and JSRS are the two biggest ones around at the moment, followed by the echo enhancement mod Enhanced Soundscape, which basically makes reverberation from shots sound more interesting and varied. 


Weapons themselves have been added in absurd numbers and variety, you can get anything from WW1 era rifles to railguns to weird things I had never even heard of before I saw them in A3, like the SIG-510.


Of course all your AR, FAL, G3, AK, RPG, LAW, AT4's and other common weapons are all covered, and depending on mod you can customise them with grips / optics / flashlight /laser combos , suppressors and the like just in Insurgency.


One of the biggest animation failures in A3 is there is no separate tactical reload animation, only a single reload animation regardless of if you have a round remaining or not.


You can somewhat simulate +1 in your rifle with this mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27125 which I find works quite well- the +1 is not displayed on the HUD as 30+1 but I have the HUD hidden anyway and functionality wise it works without problems.


Inspect animations can also be had in a mod if that's something you are interested in, and that usually takes the form of a CS-GO style 'inspect weapon' animation rather than anything weapon specific, such as doing a press check like in KF2. 


I do have to mention the gameplay is significantly different between Insurgency and Arma though, as above I was only talking about animations in particular. 

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Short answer is no.


It's like comparing apples to durian fruit. 

ARMA is a more complex beast than the likes of insurgency.

And it isn't so easy to pick up and play and feel like tier 1 operators. It has a quite steep learning curve.


But it all depends on what you want from the game.

There are more mods than you can shake your fist at, to create everything from Milsim to plain old strange as fuck.

But time and dedication is needed to get the most from ARMA.

I'll put it this way.

One game in my library has 50 hours playtime and another has 4000+ hours.

And insurgency, although enjoyable to a certain extent, couldn't keep my interest beyond those 50 hours.


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It sounds to me like you're trying to evaluate Arma 3 based on your experience with other shooters... like Arma 3 might be a good shooter but it's just not polished like other games. If that is your thought, I don't think it's a good approach.


Arma 3, as mentioned, is a military simulation so you really can't compare it to any other combat game on the market. It's simply a very different gaming experience.


I played Insurgency a lot (before starting Arma 3) and had a blast with it. Now that I'm in "Arma Mode", it's hard to imagine going back to Insurgency without dubbing it a twitch shooter (though a VERY good one).


In Insurgency, you can succeed by being a serious "bad ass". In Arma, you succeed because your squad mates provided you with good flank security and communicated well with you.

IMHO, in Arma, your primary goal is to perform as an effective squad with your secondary goal being to kill tangoes (or whatever the objective). As stated, Arma is a whole other beast.


If I'm preaching to the choir, my bad. But yeah, there are some great mods to bring more "polish" to the game. 

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