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Last Resort Gaming is Recruiting for Private Operations!

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About Us

We're a gaming community founded in December 2015 and predominantly hail from Europe. We play a huge variety of games ranging from FPS, Sports, Racing, Survival, Sandbox and many many more. Our main focus is currently Arma 3. We have both Public and Private servers depending on what you're into. Our Arma 3 Community is between 50-60 players and we like to keep at this level to maintain our community feel. Our Community range from the ages of 16-55 and come from all over the world. That being said we're like minded individuals and this has made the community what it is today.

Arma 3 Public Server

Last Resort Gaming provide a 24/7 Arma 3 Invade & Annex Public Server. This is open to all and has had over 15,000 unique players since March 2017 and at one point the 4th most popular I&A Server throughout Arma 3. Our mission framework originated on the work by Ahoyworld but is now powered and developed by YAINA, almost certainly one of the best I&A Frameworks on Arma 3. In addition, we also regularly host Public Zeus Missions and Public Events to enhance our Server and provide a unique experience for our players.

Arma 3 Private Server - Operations

We also provide a Private Server for those that wish to take things that bit further. Here we conduct near MilSim (no "Yes Sir, No Sir" here) Operations. To be a part of it you must apply and go through training. These Operations are hosted every Friday and it's great for those who want to get the most out of Arma 3 and the huge Mod collection available through steam.

Arma 3 Private Server - Training

In order to become a member and attend Operations you must apply and complete training. In training you'll be taught everything from formations to how to use ACE and TFAR. We pride ourselves on our ability to take someone with the right attitude from completely useless to somewhat less useless. Could that be you?

Other Games

As previously covered, we're not all about Arma 3. We also play an unending collection of other games. You'll always see someone knocking around the Other Games channels and we welcome everyone. This is an open Gaming Community and we're always happy to see new faces getting involved.


If you would like more information, please contact me here by PM, or at ravenlrg@gmail.com


In Service,
Private Raven

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