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Rocket launchers

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Hi. What the heck have u done to the rocket launchers? i can fire 5 pcml rockets on a marid and the damn thing only looses hes wheels. i can fire 3 pcml rockets on a ifrit standing 10 METERS away same thing only looses the wheels. you need to adress this BS by either boost dmg on the rocketlaunchers/rockets och debuff the vehicles. how are ppl otherwise gone take down tanks? run up to it with 5 satchels? only run around with titans? and even with titans it takes 3 AT rockets to destroy it. STOP getting ur ppl to develop Arma 4 before u fix shit that wrong with the previous game

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Hi Welcome to Bis forums!

Using the Feedback tracker would be more appropriate then ranting on the forums here which will do nothing but give people something

to entertain them or have them make a suggestion to either use a mod or use alternative launchers.

I can understand your issue but your approach with suggestions for change is not the way to do it.


BIS would tell you to use the feedback tracker which is also linked on the game menu itself, and report with constructive feedback of your findings,

the launchers vs what and their results, and add in other information that your game was vanilla, latest version, etc,.

and also add something brief and descriptive above your report stating why your reporting, and do that report, dont complain, dont rant, dont act like a little kid thats pissed off,

BIS is a company, the game is their business, it's also their passion, so you got to be civil, and realistic about what your dealing with ingame.


Threads like this i've seen all to common before, poster is pissed off, you might get some others, maybe telling you what i just told you, or people asking you some questions about what

your playing in terms of mission, or are you playing with any mods that may be interfering, or your thread will get ignored, and life will go on.


Like I said welcome to Bis forums, make that report, and link it here so others can vote it up, as i do myself have tested what you "pointed" out and found the same issues.


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I put a issue for this on the tracker, and yeah the PMCL right now cannot be aimed correctly (rocket goes up), also the damage is very low despite the rocket weight and size.

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On ‎10‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 8:15 AM, smackem said:

..even with titans it takes 3 AT rockets to destroy it..


If you mean a tank, don't forget that even if the tank hasn't fireballed it might still have been damaged, for example a jammed gun.

Yes you're right about BI's annoying habit of tweaking things, for example after a recent tweak, firing the Titan unlocked will see it veer off and miss at extreme range (around 3000 metres) whereas before it used to ride the crosshairs all the way to the target.

(I never fire locked because the tank will pop smoke to blind your missile the instant you lock it up)

Next best tank killer is the Vorona, it hits about as hard as the Titan but will only ride the crosshairs to about 2000 m before veering off.

As regards shoulder-launched AT weapons against lighter armour, don't laugh but my weapon of choice is the dear old RPG-7, its only got crude iron sights but the rockets fly VERY fast and with hardly any gravity drop out to about 300m, and you can't miss a stationary or slow-moving target..:)


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