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Tactical Realism Antistasi Altis Group

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In the beginning of July, we are going to start playing Antistasi Altis in a tactical manner. 


There will be squads, leadership of squads, reckon operations, etc etc. All in a very friendly and cooperative environment, no virtual push ups or yes sir and the like.


The only requirement is to be a cool person to be around, not whine , be there for a kick-ass , organized experience, and listen to orders and follow the plan, so there`s no chaos and the experience is meaningful. No previous skill is required. If you follow our instructions concerning the base game and are a good sport, providing positive value to the group you belong with us.


Think of the server 77th jsoc server, or the spirit cultivated in ShacTac. 


All applicants must be 18+, have a mic, and be able to speak English clearly.


We will play on around noon GMT, which means both Europeans and Americans can join, depending on their schedule. Let that not scare you though, cause we are quite flexible on time. 


We plan on using only the necessary mods, like TFR, Enhanced Movement etc. We wont be using RHS, since the experience and a decent FPS for everyone are priority for us.


There might be the possibility of recording the footage and uploading it to YouTube if there are interesting moments, just for the sake of it.


If you are interested, respond to this post writing down your timezone.


Can`t wait to play with you all.





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