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MCC Spawning DLC Vehicles

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Any way to make mcc mission generator only spawn in non-dlc vehicles.  Like spawning in cars from certain factions maybe?


Was playing a mission with a friend using ACE and all that good stuff.  Went through hell to get a friendly hvt out of enemy territory, made our extraction plan based on the vehicles we saw parked outside the AO.  Turns out they were all DLC vehicles.  So had to reroute through a town and just got overrun.  2 hours of intense combat down the drain.  I'm planning on getting the apex dlc during the summer sales but would be nice to fix this in the mean time. 


It's like it only chose to spawn dlc vehicles instead of vanilla because there were three vehicles all of which were DLC content.  This makes me think there should be a way to make it spawn vanilla/RHS vehicles. 

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