Radiation_Zone.sqf Change _GasMask = ['Mask_M40_OD','Mask_M40','Mask_M50']; To what ever you want to not get effected by the radiation   Or if you want you can place a trigger on the map then add this in the onAct You can even make multiple Radiation Zones by just copy and pasting the trigger around your map   This will cause abit of lag when loaded but it destroys all buildings and removes trees and bushed from the area. It also kills cars and helicoptors engines when entering the zone. This one looks like it could be cleaned up abit but it works. Must of forgot to clean it once i got it working   Feel free to edit any part of the scripts and use them as you please. Credit would be nice as well. Thank you   If you can make any of it better please let me know as i am still learning and these are really my first scripts i have done.   Radiation script idea came form a post last year by @pierremgi. Thank you.