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How to FORCE mods to be enabled on server

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recently have bought a server from gamingdeluxe and well yeah mission files in and the idea was that i have set mods always essential and a set of mods optional.

However when i add the mods into the command line that i want essential. some of them stay as optional. is there anyway i can literally FORCE the server to load these mods. 


my command line looks like this (-enableHT "-name=Arma3" "-profiles=instance" "-cfg=instance\basic.cfg" "-config=instance\server.cfg" "-bepath=D:\xxgames\TylerB\18571\battleye" -ip= -port=2300 "-mod=@CBA_A3;@ACE3;@ACEX;@RHSUSAF;@RHSAFRF" -autoinit) however any other mod i add to this command line does not appear as forced by the server. 


Yes the mod's is in the root directory of the server

yes the keys are correct and in the right folder.

verify signiture is on V2 

Battleye is ON 


Its a custom mission using rhs etc 


i want to add the following to the command line to make ESSENTIAL --> 

splendid smoke 


tfar beta

vsm all in one

however when these are in the command line.. the launcher screen either says "no mods required by server" or they arnt forced and listed only as optional. 


PS. im not like advanced at this but i think what i have done is correct.

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The server -mod line defines what mods a mission can use

The server keys folder defines what mods a player can connect with, so you can add additional keys to support clientside addons like shac tac and sound mods etc

The current server mission defines what mods are currently needed any client that is connecting without those required mods will be automatically kicked


Adding content during the mission design, such as an RHS unit or vehicle will automatically add the mod requirement to the missions mission.sqm file


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