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enableEnvironment help

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Was wondering if it is possible to enableEnvironment false only inside a trigger or marker area. I have had a good look through the scripting commands but couldnt work out how to do it. My scripting knowledge is abit basic atm.



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you could use a Trigger like this:


Trigger Name:




AnyBody, Present, Repeatable (change to your suiting)


Trigger Condition:

player inArea NoEnvironmentArea


On Activation:

enableEnvironment false;


On Deactivation:

enableEnvironment true;


this however will disable Environment once you enter the Trigger Area but for the whole map

and not just for the Trigger Area but as soon you leave the Trigger Area it will enable Environment again.


note: i dont know how to reduce it only to the Triggerarea.

also take a look at EnableEnvironment



enableEnvironment [ambientLife, ambientSound]

Example 2:

enableEnvironment [false, true];

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yeah thats how i using it atm. but if an AI walks into the area it all turns off the environment. I need the trigger to activate when ai are in it so they get the effect i have going.


Maybe i will have to change my idea so that the hole island has no environment


Thank you for your reply

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