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Show vehicle (convoy) path

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I've got some issues with vehicles in convoys and need a way to debug them.
Short question: How can I access the functions shown in this picture by BI:
(source: https://dev.arma3.com/post/ai-path-following-improvements)
I'm mainly interested in the vehicle path, but the speed and steering graphs would be nice as well.


Long question:
My main problem are randomly stopping vehicles.
I set up a mission with a convoy, which has a defined start- and endpoint. The vehicles get spawned at the startpoint, start to move as a convoy and get despawned at the endpoint.
So far so good, the script is working fine.
But somewhere on their way some of the vehicles just stop and won't move any further except for the leader. The leader then reduces its speed for the other vehicles to catch up, which never happens.
The stopped vehicles wait for about 1 minute and then even shut off their engine, as if they had no destination.
When the leader reaches its destination and gets despawned, some of the stopped vehicles start moving again and the same thing repeats itself until every vehicle got to its destination (which takes hours).
To debug this behavior, I need some kind of debug function that shows me why they are stopping. Thus the question how I can show the vehicle path from the provided picture.

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3 minutes ago, fn_Quiksilver said:


better post this in the devbranch thread, since this stuff isn't really accessible with script commands besides writing your own debugging suite (you won't get to the reason that's stopping the AI anyhow).



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Well ok, thanks guys.

So convoys (and ai driving) is broken in general and nothing can fix it soon, damn. At least I can stop wasting my time on trying to fix the mission then.

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