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ITC Land Systems V1.3 - Naval Fire Support

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ITC Land - May 2020 Update

Our latest update has been pushed to the steam workshop, this release see the addition of a couple of new ISR assets.
We've been working on various projects and fixes the past few months, among which are some new features.

In particular this update includes the addition of the Rover LAD integrated within ITC Land Systems, and as it's own standalone release.




The Rover LAD provides a lightweight situational awareness tool for JTACs, and ground force leadership.
It allows anyone who has the Rover LAD in their inventory to remotely view what any aircraft turret equiped with an active laser designator is looking at.
This can be viewed in DTV, NVG, as well as FLIR Black Hot and FLIR White Hot modes with an independant zoom mode.


If you do not currently use ITC Land Systems and would like to use the rover we have released it in a standalone format on the work shop, click on the image/link below for more information.
If you do already use ITC Land Systems this will already be included and you don't need to download any additional mods.


HXQQnkf.pngITC Addons - Rover LAD


In addition we made the small addition of a new variant of the remote designator as the Remote GLTD, this compatible with our packable item feature and includes an improved sight display for JTACs and Fires Observers as shown below:




Our April and May release change log can be found below.



Added: Rover LAD (item classname: itc_land_tablet_rover)

Added: New GLTD Variant with detailed sight information - compatible with packable feature
Added: Common artillery ammunition calibres for use in other systems (105mm,122mm, and 127mm)
Tweak: SAM35 fusing now uses triggerAmmo



Fix: Interim fix for CRAM/CIWS/Radar systems placed with zeus - event handler to turn on radars when placed (Solution to be reviewed at a later time)
Fix: 155mm Smoke was deploying immediately upon firing


Enjoy the update, and feel free to drop by the ITC addons discord for the latest updates, or if you want help with any part of our mods.

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The discord link for the ITC Addons is invalid, or the server is no more, is this intentional? Would love to lurk 😃

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