Update V1.3: Naval Fire Support Our update today finally integrates ITC Land Systems features on the naval fire support assets introduced with the Encore DLC. This introduces the features we have on our SPH variants on to the Mk. 45 Hammer in through the addition of the Mk. 45 mod. 0 Hammer 2. Additionally, we have introduced the MN230 VLS (Cruise Missile) system which allows for the use of GPS missiles in a land attack role including a choice of impact angles. This uses a variant of some guidance integrated from ITC Aircraft and has a couple of known behavioural tweaks in areas of particularly rapid changes in topography. We do have a number of planned improvements to this and you can expect to see them in later hotfixes/updates.   1.3 Changes: Added: Mk 45 mod 0 Hammer 2 (Naval Gun System) - includes ammo handler, IGS, tablet access
Added: MN230 VLS (Cruise Missile) - includes launch interface for GPS targets
Added: Guided M320 ICM (itc_land_m230gicm_12rnd, itc_land_m230gicm_6rnd)
Added: Improved Gunner Sight (IGS), implemented on all SPH systems and NGS
Added: Basic QD/AZ display - for use on assets without existing display and without autoloader
Added: Variant of improved mortar illumination round for spawning by script (itc_82mm_flare_scripted) Added itc_land_common_fnc_getCurVehicle: Returns either the player vehicle or the UAV they are currently controlling
Fixed: Count of rounds fired on sights showing incorrectly
Fixed: Error in delay fuse code
Fixed: Most/All functional bugs in the SPH Ammohandler
Fixed: Typos in 155 and 152mm battery type names in BCS (apparently the mmm or metric millimetre is not recognised, fine)
Fixed: Description of Mk 6 fire modes in BCS, should now better reflect those displayed when using the mortar.
Fixed: some battery definitions had errors in the available munitions listed in their configs
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