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J. Murphy

Units not showing after linking steam account

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Looking for some help if anyone could oblige me?


I linked my Steam and Bohemia Accounts last night, but got no confirmation that the two were linked other than the steam "you're logging in from a new device, please enter this code" email.  Since then when I load up the launcher it doesn't show my unit, and says the accounts aren't linked.  It also shows in my in game profile that I have no unit, which is slightly concerning as I'm currently in the process of founding a unit.  As a note everything was working perfectly fine before i linked the account.


It also appears that instead of linking to my steam account it has created a totally new steam account.  Does anyone know of a) how to fix this so i am actually shown as a part of a unit and b) to either delete the linked account or  link my bohemia account with teh steam account i play and bought the game on? 


I tried looking online and most of them seem to be resolved by a PM on here from from Bohemia.


Any help to sort this would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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It appears that it has corrected itself... with my unit now showing up in launcher and on profile.  No idea what happened but thank you bohemia

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