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Hello everyone, I come to see you today because I have a problem with code that does not want to work in multiplayer, while the code works perfectly in solo.

My code is to remove the array that contains objNull in a tri-dimensional array.


the array in question:

[[3ec9abcb80# 1676278: plasticbarrier_03_f.p3d,[12179.4,12946.3,-0.0794725]],[<NULL-object>,[12178,12947.7,0]],[3eb888c080# 1676280: roadcone_l_f.p3d,[12178.8,12949.9,0]]]


and the complete code:


_target = cursorTarget;
_player = player;
_PlayerUid = getPlayerUID _player;
_PlacedOject = _player getVariable "PlacedOject";
_UIDObject = _target getVariable "deploy_user_uid";

if (isnil {_UIDObject}) exitWith {hint "aucun object détecter"};

if ( !(_UIDObject == _PlayerUid) ) exitWith {hint "Cette Object, ne vous appartient pas"};
if ( count _PlacedOject == 0 ) exitWith {hint "Vous avait aucun object placée"};

	_Element = _PlacedOject select _forEachIndex;
	_Elementplaced = _Element select 0;
	_ElementPosArray = _Element select 1;

	if (_Elementplaced isEqualTo objNull) then
		_Element resize 0;
} forEach _PlacedOject;
//_PlacedOject deleteAt (_PlacedOject find _target); // existent item

//deleteVehicle _target;

sorry for average English it's not my first language

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From what I can tell it's not going to work if it's only being run on the server because of these lines: "_target = cursorTarget;   _player = player;"


How are you executing your script and what exactly is it doing that is unexpected or is it not doing that you expected it to do?

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