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ARM Group (Arma Relaxed Milsim Group) - Recruiting

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ARM Group (Arma Relaxed Milsim Group) is open to anyone and was created for those who seek an instant action Arma3 milsim but don’t have the time to dedicate 2 or even 1 night a week.


Fast track ranking system - plus additional perks for each rank


Training on the fly - extra available for those who want it


Ops every 2 weeks


Ops format decided via member vote - map, faction, loadout, MODs etc


Friendly environment


We want everyone to enjoy the experience so we are looking for people with the right attitude (knowing when to be serious and when to have fun).


If you are interested then go to:




1.  Simply register on the site (registration is also needed to record promotions).

2.  Go to 'Forum/Events' and read the details of the Op: Sand Storm (our 1st Op).

3.  Reply to the Sand Storm forum post that you wish to attend.


You’ll also need to join our Discord:








Discord is currently used for ops comms but will be open to change with member vote.

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