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1st Battalion the Rifles [EU] [Recruiting] [GMT]

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About Us

The '1st Battalion the Rifles' is a Milsim for arma 3 which is inspired by the official battalion in the british army. We hope to be one of the most respected arma 3 units in the community and help give this community a reason to be here. We use a wide variety of mods to help us make arma 3 more immersive and entertaining. We also use real formations and commands aswell as radio's and map skills to give you the feeling of what being in the forces is like. 

Currently in the milsim we have a few members who have either served, serving or looking to join the armed forces. The majority of our members have attended cadets in the life aswell as having family members in active service. 

We hope to reach out to everyone over the world as we have people from the U.S, Sweden, and the UK.

We now have a dedicated server with 40 slots! Aswell as our teamspeak 3

How to enlist

.Head to our website here:1st Battalion website [Website is currently down, working on a new one]
.Add me on steam: Click for steam link 


Detachments Available

.Rifles (Standard Infantry)

.Royal Signals (Comm's and Navigation)

.Royal Medical Corps (Advanced Ace Medical - Medic Role)

.Royal Logistics Corps (Transporting Supplies or People, ATO - IED disarming and Repairing)

We believe having different detachments will be the best for the unit by making it more immersive and allowing the members have a bigger role. In operations we have limited ammunition in our depot along with vehicles and helicopters. If we lose a vehicle and want to replace it, it will take a few operations for it to arrive etc.

Brief Requirements

- Must own a Mic

- Must be ages 14+ (We like to appeal to younger ages aslong as they respect our rules)

- Must own a Legal Copy of Arma 3

- Must be obliged to download mods which we require. (Sound mods are optional)

- Must be able to speak english with ease and understand it.


How we operate

- We operate in First person only.

- We obey the chain of command.

- We use TFAR to communicate.

- We communicate in Teamspeak 3

- There is no "YES SIR! NO SIR"

- Follow orders.


- GMT timezone // Operations @7pm Gmt



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