Here are some missions for Arma II. Army of the Czech Republic and other possible DLCs are required. Lite versions should do the job fine. Download link:'   Fourth update is here: #1 Fixes to some missions, as usual. #2 Added COOP 04 - Top Gun. Follow the instructions for installing coop-missions.   Remember to delete the old mission pack completely!   If you are unfamiliar in installing missions, then follow these steps: #1 - Create a folder named "Missions" in your game installation folder, if you dont have one. #2 - Copy or cut the folder "Kalle's Mission Pack" to your "Missions" folder inside the game installation folder. #3 - Missions with "co" or "coop" are COOP missions, which can also be played as singleplayer. If you want to play them as singleplayer, then follow the steps #1 and #2. If you want to play them as COOP, then create a folder called "MPMissions" inside the game installation folder if it doesn't exist and put the .pbo files from folder "Kalle's Mission Pack" there.   If my instructions are not understandable, then search the internet for help.   Anyway, enjoy the missions!   - Kalle