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found a pretty strange bug.

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hiyer guys. i realize its pretty late in the day for this game and dont expect a fix or anything, but i thought i may as well share this and see if anyone else has the same.


im not sure if its in the vanilla gold game which i have or if its since i installed cold war rearmed and also warmod i installed which changes a load of things.


but anyway try spawning a soldier around one of the plane runways. find a runway light and shoot it. in my case suddenly theres a cloud of smoke and a collapsed house appears in its place.

i noticed in the editor that around the runways there are houses listed there that are invisible unless you hover the mouse over where they are. pretty retarded.

anyway, pity, as i sometimes like setting up a battle on a runway for the flatness. but this bug spoils it.

be curious to know if anyone else has this.

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