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Public Zeus Suggestion: Additional Modules etc

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Since, as far as I am Aware of, ArmA 3 Admin Debug Console has been deactivated for every Public Community Server, People who actually take the time to do Public Zeus, are in a pretty bad Situation right now. With the Debug Console disabled, many Things are missing. That would be, and just some of them: 

  • No ability to let Units surrender anymore.
  • No Virtual Arsenals (the ones where you don't have to manually select everything)
  • Many more Modules missing.

Look, I understand that the Debug Console got abused heavily by some People. But I don't want it back. I want a massive update to Zeus, perhaps fully integrating the Ares/Achilles Mod (unsure which one is better, I usually only Public Zeus), but from what I've seen in Videos and such (and also a personal test some time ago, with one of them), which was so much easier, and so much more fun to use. 


Look BI, I'm unsure if you'll read this thread, or even do anything. But if you do, me and many other Public Zeus would love you. It would also make potential entry for new guys, when they join a Zeus Server as Infantry, way more fluid, and easier to understand. 


Adding all this would definetly also make Public Zeus more popular. So if you would do so, probably think of adding a few more Servers, so there is actually a Chance for People to make Scenarios. Also please, just add everything from the Ares / Achilles Mod, if it is in your own Code, or if you just take it from the Workshop. Or atleast add the good modules to it, stuff like adding your own compositions, both in AI and Buildings etc. 

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I agree, there should be a module for full arsenal (or at least an arsenal for the player's faction, so no NATO running in CSAT uniform and AAF GA Carrier Rig), captive/surrender for hostage rescue mission or surrender for when the enemy gets overrun and so much stuff from the Editor that should be loaded into Public Zeus. Also, let us load pre-saved custom compositions (the no-mod vanilla custom compositions that we make in the editor) so we can have an easier time loading a base instead of making it all again. 

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