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Description: Hello Folks, this is my first release so be kind to me if u find bugs or such stuff. I made this with the help of George Floros, so thnx a lot to him!


"Ravage Ruha - Deathmatch Survival" is a simple Deathmatch mode with survival elements for up to 12 Players on the little and very beautiful Map Ruha. The goal is to survive against roaming Renegades and Zombies (and also Players, if u want to play in Multiplayer) in an endless Survival Deathmatch mode. The map is spiced up by some random events to get some more action and looting options for the players. It contains Airdrops and Crashsites which are marked on the map for every player, so some nice shootouts should be on the agenda!


I made this for fun, to share and also just for me to relax while i kill some bandits after a hard day at work :)


Scripts i´ve used so far: GF_Cargo_Airdrops, Crashsites_GF, Earthquakes_GF, Ravage_Status_Bar_GF, Killfeed_GF


They are all slightly changed a bit by me with the help of George.


Known Problems: Sometimes Markers for Airdrops dont show of correct



- Play in Single or Multiplayer mode

- Survival Elements

- Hunt Renegades, Zombies or Players

(the area is high populated by infected Renegades!)

- Loot Airdrops and Crashsites for better gear(marked on the map)

- Random Player Spawns

- Survive the harsh environment



Installation:Place the mission file in the MPmissions folder inside your Arma 3 installation.
Your ArmA3 installation should be in yoursteamfolder/steamapps/common


Mods you need:

- Ravage

- CBA_A3

- CUP Weapons

- Cup Units

- Cup Terrains - Core

- Cup Vehicles

- and for sure Ruha


Other recommended Mods:

- JSRS Soundmod

- Dawn of the Dead: Infected Skins Addon


You can download it here:

(Just right Click, and download it)


and also at the Steam workshop



If u want to play Singleplayer just host it on LAN


Feel free to tell me if you find any other Problems/Bugs in the Mission, i will try to fix it!


Here are some Screenshots:




I hope you will enjoy it!


Thnx to all





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