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public zeus slot on dedicated server not working

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right ive been able to do the zeus for #AdminLogged however i also want to try and get a slot active for a member of the public without admin rights.

ive tried the classic variable name job but that actually doesn't work. I know there is the GUID but im not going to know a random member of the public's UID.

it works on the editor and local host but not dedicated. 
any ideas? 

thanks in advance


ps. I am using TADST tool and the arma 3 server tool. and the curator mod is ticked

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fixed: was using the older respawn method with a marker named respawn_west and did not have select respawn position enabled.

found that if the zeus player respawned then it would work. 


so i have now edited the mission to the respawn module and select position and now it works everytime. 




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