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Make main character stand still during cutscene and making animation fits environment

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Hi guys, I'm making a SP mission with quite a few cutscenes. In these scenes I'm using code like this:


cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 7];
[0,0,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder;
sleep 2;
Colonel playmove "Acts_B_hub01_briefing";
titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 10];
sleep 4;
player KbAddTopic ["introduction","texts.bikb","",""];        
Colonel KbAddTopic ["introduction","texts.bikb","",""];

Colonel kbTell [player, "introduction", "speech2"];
hint "Listen carefully!";
sleep 55;
[1,1,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder;



combined with text.bikb it allows me to achieve:


a cutscene with cinematic borders;

fully voiced character with lipsync and animation;

player can't move during scene.


The issues I have:

player still can use his weapon during the cutscene;

I can't set other units in player's team to gather around him. like they're listening to briefing.





Situation #2


I'm making an interrogation scene. Using this piece of code


cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 5];
[0,0,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder;
Zhyrandole switchMove "Acts_ExecutionVictim_Loop";
sleep 5;
titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 10];
sleep 5;
player switchMove "Acts_Executioner_Backhand";
Zhyrandole switchMove "Acts_ExecutionVictim_Backhand";
sleep 5;
Zhyrandole switchmove "Acts_ExecutionVictim_Loop";
player KbAddTopic ["introduction","text2.bikb","",""];        
Zhyrandole KbAddTopic ["introduction","text2.bikb","",""];
Zhyrandole kbTell [player, "introduction", "zhyrandole"];
hint "Listen carefully!";
sleep 5;
player playMoveNow "AidlPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_G01";
sleep 15;
[1,1,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder;


it allows me to achieve:

interrogated unit is on his knees; 

animation of hitting + reacting of both player and interrogated unit;

interrogated unit spills information.


The issues I have:

Interrogated unit turns arround randomly, not facing player;

player's transition to idle animation makes him draw his weapons(main and secondary);

I can't set other units in player's team to gather around him. like they're taking part in the process.



Will appreciate any help.

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