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I had a problem for about three days. I downloaded the "ARMA 3 SERVER" tool normally, I also downloaded the application to easily manage the "TADST v3.1.0" server configurations, put it in the Arma 3 Server folder as it teaches, I opened the ports on router 2302, 2303, 2304, 2305, 2306 and other necessary doors, I opened up too many doors, my "UPNP" is enable. But whenever I start the "dedicated server" it appears in my "ARMA 3 LAUNCHER" on the "RECENT" tab, but when I look in the "INTERNET" tab it does not appear. My friends have tried direct connection, searching in the search box and nothing, just does not appear to them the server. I've already tried disabling the "FIREWALL" completely, I already tried it in virtual marking with "WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2" and nothing, just appears in the "RECENT", wanted to know if there is any solution to my problem, because all places say the same thing about opening ports or disabling the Windows firewall.My internet provider follows the "PPPOE" system, does it influence anything? Help me please, i need this server :(


Prints Screens:







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Your router is most likely the cause, some routers require more than just ports opening, temporarily disable all security and then check if the server can be seen. If it can, then its time to start reading the tech manual that came with the router

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so which one have you done

1) Disabled your router security temporarily and then had a 3rd party see if its listed on the game browser ?

2) Not disabled the security, linked to a screen shot which shows you haven't disabled the security and listed your router in the hope there is a magical answer for you


I guess 2 :-)

This wont be solved without you putting in the leg work  

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