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Square Soldiers PvE Server!

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Square Soldiers is a "in-progress" server. It's in the first stage of development and is still in the on going to get new players. It's a PvE server so for all the new Exile players this server is a begin server. You can learn all about exile here, from building a base to get better at missions. ( Hardcore missions is the best goal, as they're the most worth ) So come and join the new Arma 3 Exile server!


Owner of the server is not me; "Opmis" is the server owner.


Server name: "Square Soldiers"

Discord:          "https://discord.gg/md4fYMS


If you do decide to join the server please join the discord, you get updates on what is going on to the server, announcements for maintance or something else.





SupremeCatx, just a "Square Soldier" Member.

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