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Can't detect mines as mine guy Laws of War

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I can't detect some mines. I've read that detection distance depends on class, but this is literally as the mine detection guy in the first mission of Laws of War. I'm getting within what has to be 2 meters. I'm looking directly at it... This is not specific to this one mine, and it does not go away on restart. For most mines, all I do is look at them and it detects them. For 5-8 in this mission, I just can't detect them. Am I doing something wrong? I can't get past this mission without "detecting all mines."


Sorry about the quality of the video, I obviously need to work on my obs settings, but I don't stream so it's not a huge deal - you can tell what's going on.




Edit - I figured it out, it's T. Gotta expand that newbie screen... Confusing that it identifies them by looking sometimes, but sometimes you have to use T. It'd be better if you made it all one way or the other. If I identify the first small ones I look at without any interaction other than looking at them, it makes me think "I don't need to look at the help thing, I know how to do it, because I just did it." ... Then I make stupid posts that waste people's time.

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figured it out.
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Disagree. It's not so simple and it's a real problem.


Place a mine field "owned" by OPFOR (AT tank or anti pers), field covering a runway or a road + dirt ground

place two playable units, disable damage (for test):

   - one explo specialist;

   - one soldier equipped with toolKit + mine detector + thisUnit getUnitTrait "explosiveSpecialist"

Do not group them.


Run in preview (or else). It's not a problem of mine or unit locality.

play as each unit, switching from one to the other;

The equipped soldier (player) can defuse all  mines on roads/runways, but fail to "reveal" a visible mine in dirt/vegetation. Explo specialist gets more success (~100%). For equipped soldier, you can strike any key you want (T or else). That fails.


So, imho, the setUnitTrait "explosiveSpecialist" is not satisfactory, missing some reveal mine inside.


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