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Sorry, but due to unpleasant comments in the Steam page of this mission, i/e "absolute crap.." "learn to optimize..." ,overall regarding low frame rate issues, I DELETED the  links and the campaign will be ON HOLD until further notice.

Real life matters are my priority right now, but when (and IF) I'll get motivated again I will  try to to optimize It.

Never the less, thanks to all the peoples that played the mission and actually enjoy it.






This is the NEW AND IMPROVED SUMMER version of my GHOST RECON : WINTER WILDLANDS. The snowy terrain was heavy on the CPU and most players reported low fps and stuttering. 


-removed all the mods dependencies (ONLY REQUIRE CBA)

-Most scripts cleaned up and/or improved

-Support-unlocking tasks added 

-Boats operation & support

-New DLC cruise missile support

-New DLC cluster bomb support

-Flyable Heli and Fighter planes

-Improved briefing with pictures





Year 2025: uncontrolled illegal immigration carried out for years in southern Europe and the economic collapse of many Mediterranean countries provide fertile grounds for the rise of organized crimes groups.Their grow was undisputed and hardly controllable.Inspired by the newly acquired power, new generation of Mafia Bosses did the unthinkable,something their grandfathers thought never possible: form an alliance. 

Italian,Russian and Balkans Mafias instead of fight each others unite in a massive crime enterprise, a.k.a. "CERBERUS inc.". Like the three headed mythological monster, guardian of the underworld, it keep peoples in their living hell. Thanks to the resources at their disposal, they have set their base of operation on a island, Altis, from which they direct illegal weapons, drugs, prostitution and money laundering business. 

The Island small military force was quickly overthrown by a well trained and equipped private army, hired by the criminal's coalition.The few local government opponents have been corrupted, threatened or worse, eliminated. Kidnapping,tortures,public executions are carried out daily to keep the population under control. 

The world's governments have decided to end the reign of terror on Altis. A task force with the best elements from some of the world elite's Special Forces was created: they are the GHOST RECON . 

Their mission is to dismantle all operations of the "CERBERUS" organized crimes coalition on Altis by cutting the monster heads, in preparation for a major peacekeeping operation. 


This is a SP/Mini campaign, open terrain mission, where you decide what to do and how. Be a shadow of death or wreck havoc with the firepower of "USS Freedom" carrier support. 

The Campaign is packed with features like: 

-Custom GUI for in-game team members selection 
-Custom GUI for Transport / Cas 
-AI auto-revive 
-Dual main weapon script 
-New DLC CRUISE MISSILES strike support 
-New DLC Cluster Bombs run
-Custom supply and vehicle drop with radiochat 
-Scuba UDT action and BOAT Ops 
-Rest / skip time feature 
-Side mission with mini-games and custom intels 
-Randomly placed MAIN TASKS, so every new game is different


The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 

This mission is (c) 2018 Zagor64bz rights reserved. 
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) 



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11 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

Congratulations Zagor for the release !


2 minutes ago, spotter001 said:

Wow, you're churning out like a factory! Well done!

 Thank you guys!!!!! It's nice to see your work getting appreciated.

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Love the screenshot.  I have to make time try this out.  Still won't be for a few weeks though.  :(

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I'm working on the COOP/MP version of this....but I'm hitting some walls. Mostly due to my lack of knowledge about MP environment. Anyone willing to test what I have so far and help solve some bugs? Pm me and I'll send you the files...

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1 hour ago, spotter001 said:

Awesome work! It's more polished campaign now.

Thank you man. This words repay me of the many hours spent working on it.

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here is a dumb-ass question, but i got to ask: How to install this mod?


i extracted the .pbo to my /Arma 3/Missions folder, but the wildlands never showed in Scenarios section.


i extracted the .pbo to my /Arma 3/Campaigns folder, but the game simply can't read the file

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On 23/10/2018 at 3:33 PM, stonegodspeed said:

here is a dumb-ass question, but i got to ask: How to install this mod?

No brotha, I'm the dumb-ass here!!!

I forgot to put the ".Altis"  when I renamed the pbo for mediafire. Just rename it anyway you like it and add   .Altis   at the end.


Sorry about that.




EDIT: "i extracted the .pbo to my /Arma 3/Missions folder" ......that's the right path BTW.


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