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[MP] [4vs4] Georgetown - Tactical Protect the VIP/Katkoula Docks - Destroy and Defend

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Hi all,


I recently got into mission editing and created a couple of scenarios. I like fast matches with small squads playing in coordinated fashion so I focus on simple missions with 4vs4 players tops.



Tactical Protect the VIP features:

  • 5 minutes time limit (radio warns players every minute and every half a minute on the last minute)
  • 3 OPFOR operatives disguised as workers
  • 1 OPFOR operative disguised as a quad driver
  • 4 BLUFOR VIP bodyguards
  • 1 BLUFOR VIP (non playable, with a waypoint set to walk around the villa he's in)
  • No custom arsenals: bodyguards have pistols and OPFOR arsenal consists of 1 sniper rifle unit, 2 smg units and the quad driver carries a pistol. Bodyguards can also booby trap the villa with explosives
  • The location I picked for the scenario has many tall buildings with accessible rooftops for the OPFOR sniper to create a nest in there
  • Civilians with waypoints around the scene






Tactical Destroy and Defend features:

  • 5 minutes time limit (radio warns players every minute and every half a minute on the last minute)
  • 4 OPFOR operatives
  • 4 BLUFOR operatives
  • Both teams have access to virtual arsenal so that players can load their own custom loadouts
  • Several chokepoints and sniper nests
  • OPFOR wins if both land drones are destroyed
  • BLUFOR wins if at least one of the drones is intact after 5 minutes





I don't have an SSD and Arma 3 doesn't perform good enough even after following most optimization guides (my rig is actually not that bad but I guess it's not enough for whatever strange reason), so I was hoping maybe some of the Arma 3 groups out there would be willing to give my scenarios a shot and provide some C+C for me to improve.


Thanks for reading!



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