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[UK/EU/ENG] 1 Assault Group - Royal Marines

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Welcome to the 1 Assault Group - Royal Marine Commandos.


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Welcome to 1 Assault Group Royal Marines, we are an Arma 3 Milsim Unit based out of the United Kingdom, with a player base spread over Europe and the United States. Our unit is based on the British Royal Marine Commandos. We specialize in many different tactics such as Amphibious and Airborne Assault as well as acting as a conventional infantry unit with Patrols, Recce, Checkpoints and many others.

Operations and Campaigns
1 Assault Group - Royal Marines, runs a persistent campaign that will last for several weeks, with a lot of diversity, this is thanks to the Alive mod, dedicated, experienced Zeus's and mission makers within the unit. The campaigns can range from a vast array of different enviroments, from the cold of Russia, to the hot deserts of Zargabad. You can expect anything from night raids from an amphibious assault, to a helicopter insertion in the middle of a warzone.


Dates and Times
Regulars Operations are held on Thursday and Sunday, starting at 1900 GMT with deployment commencing at 19:30GMT.
Smaller Operations are held on Fridays, starting at 1900 GMT with deployment commencing at 19:30GMT.


-16 Years Old
-Working Mic
-Fluent English
-Be active 2 times a week
-Be mature


Roles Available

1AGRM has many specialized roles within the unit. When you join you will be a recruit in our recruit troop, after passing Commando training, you will become a general duties marine, otherwise known as a rifleman. From here you can apply to undergo specialised training in more advanced roles, this may also open you up to higher positions of responsibility within the unit. Some of the roles available are; 

- Section Commander
- Marksman
- Assault Engineer
- LMG Gunner
- Fire Team Leader/ FAC
- Medic
- Heavy Weapons Specialist



Click for modlist



 No matter your experience level, all new Recruits must undergo 1AGRM basic training, this is to ensure that everyone is aware of our SOP’s and is proficient in their role and the equipment they carry.
Basic Training consists of the following modules;
Infantry Skills: (Navigation, Medical, ACE interaction, Radios)
Conventional Warfare (Section Attacks, Break Contact, Ambushes, Fighting in wood and forests, Harbour Areas)
Urban Warfare (Modern Urbanised Combat, Checkpoints)
Specialised Training: (Amphibious Assault, Airborne Assault, Recce)
Other roles require specialized training, which Marines can apply for once they have completed basic training.


Contact us
Message me, or come on the teamspeak, if you've got any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them!

Steam Group - Click Here

Good Luck, and we look forward to seeing you on the field!

Recruitment Status - OPEN 

Sign up form - Click here

Roster- Click here

Discord - Click here

Teamspeak - vs16.tserverhq.com:6045

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