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Mission.sqm, line 0 'raP' encountered instead of '='

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I wanted to work on a mission I'm doing and as I tried to open said mission the error on the title popped up, I dont know how to fix it. can anyone help?

this is the SQM:

thank you in advance

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58 minutes ago, Grumpy Old Man said:

What did you do before it stopped working?



I didn't do anything besides opening it, didn't change anything in it either.


59 minutes ago, HazJ said:

Derap it. You can do this with Mikero Tools, probably other tools available as well.


will do, thank you.


50 minutes ago, FallujahMedic -FM- said:

Also, in future, please use Pastebin or similar for ease of use. Thanks. 

sorry about that, already changed.

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